Alabama Softball 2017 Outlook

Although the team has lost several key players including Haylie McCleney (CF) who was the spirit heart of the team.

They also lose McCleney’s fellow outfielders Kallie Case (LF) and Andrea Hawkins (RF) and last but not least first
base slugger Leona LaFaele.

Even with those player losses Alabama will be returing their entire pitching staff, Alexis Osorio, Sydney Littlejohn and Madi Moore. Most teams would be happy to just have one of these pitchers in their lineups so Alabama is blessed having all three of them.

While the team did lose some of it’s hitting power they should still have enough hitting capabilities left in the lineup to keep them in most games as long as their pitching stays strong.

You also have to figure team head coach Patrick Murphy, who has been a longtime fixture at Alabama, in to the mix. He is able to pull the best out of his players which should help add to the team’s win total.

Playing in the tough SEC conference being good isn’t enough you need to be great to stand out and win. If Alabama wants to move to the head of the pack this year it’s gonna be a tough road unless their pitching staff puts together a record setting year.

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