Coro Fire’s Latest Single “AMD Cramp”

For Immediate Release

‘AMD Cramp’ by Coro Fire will be released 3rd March 2017.

Coro Fire are releasing their latest single ‘AMD Cramp’ ahead of the release of their first full length EP ‘Once A Chore’.

Coro Fire is a two-piece indie/pop/grunge/rock band from Perth, Australia. The band consists of long-time friends Nick Cook on guitar/lead vocals and Adam Scott on drums. ‘Once A Chore’, consists of four tracks drawing influences from a large variety of musical genres and bands.

The EP was recorded over 3 months by Nick at his home studio in Perth, and mixed/mastered by Shane White, a close friend of his and an experienced audio engineer.

“AMD Cramp is the single from the EP. It’s one of the heavier/darker tracks, which obviously matches the topic of the song. It’s got this driving guitar riff that kicks it off and a chorus which I think people will find pretty memorable. It’s a pretty emotion-packed song with a lot of energy thrown into it. I hope people like it!”

The duo began jamming together in 2015 after becoming inspired seeing a band at a live music event in Brisbane.

Their first songs were written on a couple of acoustic guitars before Adam transitioned to drums and purchased a kit. In early 2016, the two settled on their band name, and Nick began writing and recording demos under Coro Fire.

Since releasing their first track ‘West End’ to the internet in September, the duo has been working hard on their debut EP, ‘Once A Chore’, which is due to be released in March, 2017.

“After writing demos non-stop for a while, Adam and I decided to choose four songs that best demonstrated the image we wanted to represent, and stick them into an EP. ‘Once A Chore’ consists of four very different tracks. It kind of takes you on this ride – it starts off catchy and fun and gets a bit darker and heavier towards the end… I think that way we can best demonstrate the range of music we like to listen to and create. Each song on the EP has its own story and its own message, which everybody can interpret in their own way – that’s what we like about music.”

Nick and Adam rarely break from writing and recording new material. They each have their own unique approach to song writing, which when combined proves to be very effective chemistry. Coro Fire’s first gig is lined up for Friday the 24th of February at Babushka, in Leederville, Perth.

‘AMD Cramp’ will be in Digital Stores on 3rd March 2017

‘Once A Chore’ EP will be released 17th March 2017

For Fans of:
Royal Blood | Nirvana | DZ Deathrays

Source- Straight From The Art – The A&R Department

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