‘The Saturate’ EP By House Hounds

Forming in late 2013 through a musician classified ad, the boys set out working on material after connecting on the love of shared influences. After a couple of years of gigging and rehearsing, a few singles, radio interviews and airplay, the band started working on their debut EP Saturate.

Written, recorded and self produced over the course of 6 months, the EP was handed to multi-award winning producer Magoo for mixing duties and mastered by Matthew Gray.

“The EP was recorded over the course of 6 months after long nights and days of pre-production and demoing. All songs were written around the same time frame except the first track ‘Bird’ which was written two years prior,” says
member Keelan Callaghan on the process of writing the EP.

On display on the EP are 70s influenced vintage synths, overdriven guitar layers and creamy fuzz leads, reminiscent of 90s era alt-rock records and a modern take on a vintage compressed drum sound, are all features of the new release.

Lead single ‘Karamel’, layers 70s influenced vintage synth sounds with a mono recorded drum track. The song’s uniquely structured arrangement is standout.

“The EP was named “Saturate” as an adjective to describe the overall sound of the EP. Having multiple layers of guitars and the use of effects and atmosphere… to me the songs sounded “saturated” in color, tying them together.

Lyrically the songs are about life events that I have experienced over the past 2 years,” says Keelan.

For Fans Of: Smashing Pumpkins | Mac Demarco | Tame Impala | The War on Drugs

The Saturate EP by HOUSE HOUNDS will be released 23rd of June 2017.



Source- The A&R Department

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