Hollywood Sinners Launch US West Coast Tour

From the dungeons of the Spanish Inquisition to your cozy rock ‘n’ roll bar in California and beyond, Hollywood Sinners are coming to fuzz things up for all the lucky sods that so happen to live on the West Coast. (and Phoenix, Arizona) These “Mono Locos” from Toledo, Spain embark on a twelve night, 16-day road rager that starts off in Oakland June 30 at the Burger Boogaloo kickoff party, covering almost every inch of the California Republic and her peninsula, through to deep within the ‘Valley of the Sun’. If you think the temperature is already too hot, brace yourself for the mercury to rise even higher when Edu Sinner (Guitar/Vocals),Carmelo Tornado (Bass), and Oky Von Stoky (Drums) step off that airplane and into the cauldron.

Founded in 2001, Hollywood Sinners have released three LP’s, 7 singles, and appearances on numerous compilations across esteemed labels such as Slovenly Recordings, Animal Records, and their home label, Dirty Water Records. The band have just put the finishing touches on their new long awaited follow up LP to the epic “Disastro Garantito” (released on Dirty Water back in 2011) at Circo Perotti Recording Studios, an all-analog studio where garage rock legends The Masonics, Billy Childish, Holly Golightly, The Cynics, Urges and countless others have laid down their craft with wizard producers Mike Mariconda and Jorge Explosion.

Over the years they have been and continue to be a featured attraction across all the major garage rock festivals in Europe; Fuzzville, Funtastic Dracula Carnival, Wild Weekend, Shout Party, Le Beat Bespoke, Rotterdam Rumble, Suicide Twist, Go Sinner Go, and many more. Edu explained why such the long wait in between albums: “I started a business in Madrid six years ago called Pandora’s Vox which is a bar and 21 rehearsal room studio for bands, and put all my energy into it so Hollywood Sinners almost stopped entirely. We were only doing a few gigs each year, and not a lot each month as we all used to do. But now, we just recorded a new LP and we are ready to rock!”

One can’t talk about Hollywood Sinners without going into how Spain is the garage rock Mecca. Never mind all the incredible bands like The Shake, The Gurus, and Los Guajos, just to name a few, it’s far bigger than that. If you’re a garage rock purist, you can’t get any more authentic than this trio. One gets a straight punch of beer soaked realism of exactly what is meant by the definition of rock ‘n’ roll having heavy beats, loudness, and a delivery that’s anything but subtle. When asked what California and Phoenix gig goers might expect from a Hollywood Sinners gig, Edu simply stated: “Garage punk!!! nothing else.. just a lot of energy on the stage and a real Spanish party!”

Hollywood Sinners are bound to make you want to scream along and shake your head until your neck hurts and will conjure up your fondest memories of seeing the loudest, most incredible and memorable bands at your favorite local dive where the beer flows freely while the audience is all in the same mindset in their awe of the band that was brought about by rock ‘n’ roll hypnosis, where they connect with the audience by shooting sonic adrenaline straight to the brain stem, so primitive and basic that it might pre-date stone tools. Call it raw and savage, if you will. Better explained, it’s totally ape!

No need for complex thought here; they’re full of power, noise, fun, and teenage rebellion, with a high-held middle finger with total disregard and contempt for not only all the crappy music that’s out there and that most people listen to, but also for the over-adulterated way most of it is made. There’s no need to explain it or write about it anymore, for that matter. You get it. Now go see them! Viva Hollywood Sinners!

Hollywood Sinners West Coast Tour Dates:

30th June – Burger Boogaloo Kick Off Party Oakland CA.
6th July – Cheap Satisfaction Lollipop Records Party at The Harvard N Stone. LA
7th July – Spike’s with Bloodhounds and Black Mambas. Rosemead CA.
8th July – Permanent Records LA
8th July – La Rinconada with Nico Bones and The Red Leslies and Dj’s Julian and Roach. Santa Ana CA.
9th July – Sundaze Club at Monty LA
11th July – Dirty Water Club USA with DJ Darts at Valley Bar Phoenix AZ
12th July – 4th St. Vine Bar with The Maniac. Long Beach CA.
13th July – The Pour House With Schizophonics. OceanSide CA.
14th July – The Casbah With Schizophonics and The Creepy Creeps. Dj Maicol. San Diego CA.
15th July – Born To Be Cheap Party, La Terraza Bar. With San Pedro El Cortez and 357 Magnun And the Julio Pillado Experience. Tijuana. MEXICO.
16th July – The Hemlock. With Pogo Ono, 1906 and Huckleberries. San Francisco CA.

Source- Dirty Water Records

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