Leeds Band Peakes

Peakes is a new band from Leeds who fuse lush electronic soundscapes with soulful vocals to create deeply emotive music. Saint, the new cut from the band, further showcases their songwriting through the delicate intro and even softer chorus that gradually builds into a euphoric second half, reminiscent of Trip Hop luminaries Massive Attack or Portishead. Above the pared back and glitching track, the hugely gifted singer Molly Puckering displays a control and range similar to Hannah Reid of London Grammar. This dynamic range is shown of at the end of the track with her searching refrain “What’s done is done/ Didn’t you tell me that once?”. There is a real beauty to be found in the bands mature hesitancy on Saint, which Molly describes as “coming to terms with the fact you may not have been the best person in a situation or acted in the best way and taking responsibility for that.”

Their debut single Pray For You came out in April this year and, along with a brilliant live video, has helped them generate a rapidly growing fan base eager to hear their development.

Source- Practise Music

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