Christmas in July

Like a little kid waiting for Santa to come on Christmas with his big sack of toys the adult version of that was me today waiting for the big brown UPS truck to show up. Unfortunately any airguns I owned as a kid are long gone so it was time to start rebuilding my collection as an adult. This meant a quick trip to Amazon’s website where I started searching around to purchase a few things.

At first I was just looking for a low-med priced rifle but as I looked around pistols started to get my attention too. I didn’t want to get a CO2 type because of not wanting to always be buying the gas cartridges because I want to do a lot of plinking with this pistol. After looking around I decided to add the Beeman Marksman P17 Deluxe Pellet Pistol with Sights (.177-Caliber) to my virtual shopping cart.

The pistol is a single-stroke pneumatic pistol (using compressed air) with fiber optic sights. You only need to pump it once to get full velocity of 410 fps from it. It’s 9.25 Inches long with a 4.5 Inch barrel. It has a scope rail if you want to add a scope to it. The trigger pull is 4 lbs. They list the gun as weighing 1.7 pounds but when I lifted the pistol out of the box after it arrived and it felt heavier then that to me. The pistol is a polymer frame with a cast aluminum slide and rifled steel barrel. It has a manual safety and the rear sights are adjustable for wind age and elevation. The gun isn’t known as being overly powerful but very accurate making it a good choice for plinking. The price is good too it cost less then $35. shipped. I hope to have a full review of the pistol in the near future.

Of course I needed pellets to use with it so I settled on the Beeman .177 Caliber Pointed Pellets (Pack of 500) for $8.99 figuring that would be a good starting point.

Next was the search to find what I had originally come there for a pellet rifle. I was looking for a .177 Caliber rifle since it will be used only for plinking and target type shooting. After looking at a bunch of different rifles I decided to get the Umarex 2251300 Surge Combo Single-Shot .177-Caliber Air Gun Rifle in the Black Matte Finish. It was selling for $82.38. More about this gun in a near future posting since it got shipped separately from the other stuff I ordered and won’t be arriving for a few more days.

Other things that were in the box of goodies included the Crosman Collapsible Pellet Trap ($17.48) and the Crosman Varmint Targets, 20-Pack ($3.99). I hadn’t planned on getting the trap but it showed up on the page as something I might be interested in and like a kid tempted by all the candy bars in the rack right by the cash register I bit on their tease and clicked on it and gave the pellet trap a look. The idea of being able to shoot inside of my house with pistols or low powered rifles interested me. Plus it wasn’t big and was collapsible so when not in use it wouldn’t take up much storage space. I’m hoping that in the winter months when its below freezing outside with snow on the ground I’ll be able to set it up and get some shooting time in during the long winter days. I decided to also get the varmit targets to make it more fun instead of just shooting at a blank piece of paper. I’m gonna try to also have a review of it in a future posting.

So now comes the fun of opening everything up and getting my hands on it.

This package I got today proves that no matter what your budget is you can find some good stuff to help you enjoy your hobby of pellet/ air gunning.


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