Christmas in July Part-2

My Umarex Surge rifle wasn’t suppose to arrive until July 24th but around supper time on the 20th I heard the familiar sound of the UPS truck stopping in front of my house. Sure enough there was a knock on the door and when I looked out there it was laying on the porch in all its glory, the box with my rifle inside of it.

There was several reasons why I decided to buy this particular gun including, the reasonable price ($82.38), automatic safety feature, the cutout stock that helps you to get a nice thumb grip when holding it. Also the 4×32 scope that got decent customer reviews, while most of the other similarly priced guns that came with scopes got terrible reviews calling them junk. This gun also had many positive reviews about being very accurate.

I brought it in off of the porch and put it on the living room couch to set while I quickly ate my hot supper and done the dishes. After I was done I opened the box to get a look at my new purchase. As I pulled it out I noticed the substantial weight of it. The related material claims it weighs 9-lbs. but felt heavier to me. It might just be from too much time spent on the couch and my weak muscles.

I gave it a good look and checked to make sure everything was okay. I gave the scope lens a extra good look over to make sure they weren’t damaged. Everything looked okay but then I thought where are the mounting rings for the scope? I got the box back out and looked through the styrofoam and there they were inside of a white box that perfectly fit in a cutout in the styrofoam that made it blend in perfectly and very hard to notice. So I pulled the rings out and the included Allen wrench and mounted the scope using my neighbor’s chimney as a viewing point to make sure the scope’s crosshairs were level.

I looked it over for awhile longer then wrapped it up in a brand new beach towel to keep it safe until I can take it out and fire some pellets through it.

I’ll let you know how it performs in a future review.


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