New Airgun Buyers Five Common Mistakes

Here is a list of some of the most common mistakes newcomers make when using their first pellet gun.

1. Safety, Safety, Safety. You must always remember your handling a gun and must use the appropriate care when doing so. Make sure your either wearing safety glasses or have a good pair of shooting glasses to put on when shooting your gun. Even though there are less ricochets with pellets then BB’s they still do happen and the glasses will protect your eyes. Treat every gun like it is loaded never pointing it at anybody or thing that you don’t want to shoot. Make sure that whatever your shooting at has a clear area behind it in case you miss your target because the pellets can travel for hundreds of yards past their intended target.

2. Over cleaning. Unlike traditional firearms that need cleaned after each use pellet gun barrels need cleaned very little. It’s best to clean them before you first use it just to remove any residues left behind from the manufacturing of the gun. Then only as needed when you notice less accuracy in your shooting patterns. You don’t need fancy cleaning kits either a simple piece of fishing line with some dry cloth cleaning patches attached to it will do the job fine.

3. Don’t over oil gun parts. This will cause what’s known as Dieseling. This happens when the action of firing the gun causes oil to catch on fire from the heat generated by the compression of air in a cylinder causing a puff of smoke from the gun. This can also cause damage to the gun’s spring.

4. Depending on the material of your gun’s stock proper maintenance is needed to keep it looking new and protect it from damage if it’s made out of a porous material like wood.

5. Don’t get discouraged if your gun isn’t very accurate when you first shoot it. Most guns have a break in period of putting pellets thru the barrel to get everything seated and working accurately. Don’t be afraid to shot hundreds of pellets before finding the true accuracy of the gun. Also guns can be fickle and work best with certain brands and weights of pellets so try different brands and weights until you find what works best with your particular gun. You can buy what are known as sampler pellet packs to use for this purpose.


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