200-300 Yard Shots?

Since my writings are geared towards the new airgun enthusiast I want to talk about this long range shooting thing that’s the big fad now. People compete by shooting airguns to see how far they can shoot and hit a golf ball that explodes when hit and film it. They are taking shots of 200-300 yards or more.

If your new to the hobby then you might be saying why can’t I hit the side of a barn at 50 yards? The guns these
shooters are using are for the most part very high end ones costing in the thousands of dollars with just as expensive scopes so don’t be discouraged.

I have read about pellets traveling up to 400 or 500 yards but that’s on the fringe of the range. For the average person accurate shots of under 100 yards are gonna be what you’re gonna encounter in your shooting. From all that I’ve read on it the general consensus seems to be that if your using a spring/gas piston type of airgun then shots of 50 yards or longer are usually considered long shots, even though you should be able to get your gun to shoot well at up to 100 yards.

There are so many different factors that go in to the distance and accuracy when it comes to shooting any gun. Of course the gun itself is probably the most important of them. The more you pay for it usually the more accurate and powerful its gonna be. The pellet weight and shape that your using also effects how far and accurate your shots will be.

Then you have other variable factors like weather, is it raining, windy, etc…? You the shooter also has a big effect on the accuracy. Practice makes perfect! Also if your shooting an air pistol the range will be much less then with a rifle with an effective shooting range usually of 10 yards or less.

When I talk about shooting distances I’m relating it to target/plinking type of shooting. If you plan to hunt anything with your airgun you need to cut those effective shot ranges up to 50% to make clean kill shots.

I’ll close with this little hidden problem about accurate shooting. If like me your left handed you might notice that when you hold your gun it feels a little bit strange. Your not imagining things because over 90% of airguns are designed for right handed shooters only. So the grip areas aren’t cut to fit your hands or the butt your cheek.


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