Oblivious’ new EP ‘A Storm In The Distance’

Oblivious is back with their new EP ”A Storm In The Distance”. The Swedish 70´s hard rock band makes you stomp your feet and hum melodies for days. Heavyness, groove, vocal arrangement and a southern rock sound are the cornerstones in the new EP and from Swedens Oblivious. Forging even stronger melodies, based on the foundation of four harmonizing voices the album pinpoints the very things that made all those classic albums memorable. A storm in the distance is an EP containing three diverse songs. The EP was released December 15th on Gaphals. It is available in vinyl and digital format.

The title track is an eerie reflection of how the challenges and problems of the present world threaten a sheltered and privileged existence. The track is an english version of the track ‘Det brinner i fjärran’ from the bands upcoming fourth album ‘När Isarna Sjunger’ set for release the 9th of February.

The second track “Herren på täppan” is a straightforward, no nonse stab at the arrogance of people in positions of power. The third and final track is really the dogs tuxedo. The band covers “Forever My Queen” by Pentagram, a steady set closer for the band for many years, but adapts Swedish lyrics to further deepen the alluring tale of obsession and dark attraction.

All in all the EP offers insight into several different elements of the Oblivious sound, ranging from strong chorused proto heavy metal to in-your-face attitude and speed, to gloom-ridden homages of the old giants of hard rock.

Oblivious will release their fourth album ’När Isarna Sjunger’ the 9th of February on Gaphals. Both the EP and the Album is recorded by Joona Hassinen in Studio Underjord and mastered by Simon Söderberg (ex Ghost)

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