Alisa Turner’s, “Not Even Now”

Alisa Turner’s new single, “Not Even Now”, excites with hope and encouragement in the midst of hard times. Universally, its message of God’s sovereign strength and control encourages those who feel helpless witnessing the ever-present hurt and despair in this world. The simple and powerful message is that God is bigger than anything we face and see.

“Not even now are You defeated

Not even now are we alone

Not even now are You less than Almighty God

Not even, not even now

…Not even if the sky is falling

Not even when the enemy roars

Yours is eternal glory

You are forever strong”

Alisa Turner’s own personal challenges allow her to lead this song with true heart, authority, credibility, and confidence. To learn more about Alisa’s journey, watch this short video…

“The Alisa Turner Story” Video

Not Even Now was penned by Alisa Turner and Grammy Award nominated, Dove Award winning writer Michael Farren.

Connect with Alisa and her music…

Source- Integrity Music/ Hauser Promotions

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