Texas’ record doesn’t truly represent state of team

At first glance with their losing record of 9-11 you would think that Texas is having a really bad year but that’s not the case. With a lot their games being shown on the Longhorn Network or other channels like the SEC I’ve gotten to see them play a lot of games already this year.

Recently I seen them put up a really good fight against a very tough ranked South Carolina team losing by a score of 1-0 in extra innings. That game was a good representation of how Texas season has gone so far with them getting close to the win before ending up losing the game.

One of Texas’ biggest problems has been getting timely hits. They are leaving their base runners on left and right when with just one or two timely hits all those zeros up on the scoreboard for them could easily be turned into 1,2 & 3 run innings. When you don’t have many big home run power hitters you need those timely hits to score your runs for you.

Out of seven teams in the Big12 Texas ranks next to last in 6th place in team batting.

Pitching is a different story for the team. I’ve been really impressed with the improvment of senior pitcher Paige Von Sprecken from last year. I thought for sure that Erica Wright would step up and take over the role of lead pitcher this year but her season so far has been disappointing with her up & down efforts moving her to third place in the rotation behind senior Paige Von Sprecken and junior Brooke Bolinger who is also having a good year. Texas also has several freshman pitchers who have seen limited action but might be able to help in certain game situations.

I give Texas credit for not being afraid to take on top opponents scheduling non-conference games with tough teams like, Arizona, Ole Miss, Oregon and Michigan. Even with losing a majority of these games they’ve helped to toughen the team up and let them see areas that they may need to improve.

If Texas’ players can get in a groove and start hitting more consistent and get all those stranded base runners home then they have a good chance of pulling this season out of the grips of a bad year and make a strong run at the playoffs.

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