Public Eye premieres single, “Redacted Memories”

(photo credit: Dan Stanton )

Two years ago, Autistic Youth hit a wall. After three albums and extensive touring, the band was burned out – with the project, but not each other. After the group returned from a European tour, they decided to pull the plug on their old band, exchange instruments and start over. They were Reborn as Public Eye, the quartet channeled their creative frustration into a more focused and aggressive form of post-punk, while maintaining Autistic Youth’s ear for melody.

Public Eye’s music manages to channel the exuberantly agitated energy of youth while also exuding the swagger that comes from a decade spent playing all over the world. Relaxing Favorites, the band’s debut, is chock-full of serrated guitar riffs that rip through speakers like a buzzsaw. After touring the East and West coasts, the band has been writing a second full length while the first is being released in Europe by Sabotage Records. A split 7″ with The Estranged is also on the way.

Public Eye’s Redacted Memories, Split 7” w/ The Estranged is out now on Blackwater Records.

Source- Sub Rosa PR

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