Fifth Dawn’s latest track, ‘Defying Symmetry’

For Immediate Release

Defying Symmetry is the latest installment from Western Sydney alternative rock band Fifth Dawn, a track that deals with lucid dreaming, or being in a dream state.

“This song is quite interesting conceptually – I was having a lot of lucid dreams at a point in my life due to various stressors, and with that came an unsettling, warped reality that became my constant dream state. In other words, I would often dream about things or settings in real life that would appear completely backwards when I would dream, and it was just so bizarre. That’s where I intended the music video to capture a lot of that imagination and feeling trapped within a dream.” – Samantha Faul

Defying Symmetry is about being trapped inside a lucid dream. Although you are in a state of REM and not consciously awake, you believe the dream is 100% real. You can feel like you wake up from that dream but in fact you are watching yourself wake up inside the dream. It’s like you enter a parallel reality and the music video gives you a sense of what happens inside those dreams.

The track was recorded in a home studio setup which allowed Fifth Dawn to work around their own busy schedules. The studio is located in Western Sydney at the home of their rhythm guitarist – Jamie. It was adapted to suit their purpose and it was something that really worked for the band, which made the process workable and cost effective. Mark Harris (The Ocean The Sky, Buried In Verona) produced the track alongside co-writers Samantha Faul and Mark Robertson. Defying Symmetry was mixed and mastered by Henrik Udd (Bring Me The Horizon, Architects) in Sweden. The music video was recorded and edited by James Unwin and Jake Pierce of Red Boss Productions.

In 2015, Fifth Dawn were Triple J Unearthed High Finalists with their debut single Turbulence, which was released via Triple J Unearthed and all digital outlets. Turbulence was the lead track from their debut EP – The Horizon. Fifth Dawn went on to play shows opening for Hands Like Houses and Columbus shortly after. Fifth Dawn have built the foundation for a sound that captures a combination of ambient and heavy instrumentation with the souring melodic highs of Speech Level Singing trained, Samantha Faul.

For Fans Of: Flyleaf | Evanescence | Paramore

‘Defying Symmetry’ is available now in digital stores.


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