Kentrails release’s ‘Get Out’ Single

For Immediate Release

Get Out is the first single release by the elusive solo artist Kentrails. Recorded at home, mixed at Mainstreet Studios and mastered by Benchmark Mastering, Get Out is a passive aggressive soft rock tantrum with a subtle blend of influences from bands such as The Pixies and Queens of the Stone Age.

Have you ever had one of those days, when, no matter how hard you try, nothing goes right and your left feeling unappreciated and you’ve just had enough? Have you ever felt the urge to scream? Get Out embraces these emotions and empowers the listener to make a stand. The whistle is a tribute to those that fought and lost as one day we all realize that – “life often gets in the way of living” It really is the small things that matter the most. Everything else should get out!

Get Out is an upbeat projection of being “ticked off”. It has subtle acoustic licks, a strolling bassline, and chilled out drum beat. The lyrics are in contrast to the music but it all works. A tune to get you whistling along in the middle and have you stomp your feet at the end.

Very little is known about this mysterious virtuoso. A solo artist from the Illawarra who has been quietly mastering his unique art, culminating in a style of ‘post apocalyptic surf folk’ and ‘neo classical’. As a trained pianist, and later expanding his musical repertoire to bass, guitar, and drums, he has embraced live performances in a range of bands from avant-garde punk, blues driven glam grunge, to progressive funk. During this time he continued his own musical pursuits, focused more on bedroom production and songwriting and was the brainchild to a four part limited underground mailing list concept, spanning five years and discreetly covering the globe.

As a result he has well over 100 original songs of many genres. Commonly revered to as the musicians musician, the journey now continues in 2018 with the first publicly available self titled album. And the saga continues…

‘Get Out’ is available now in digital stores.

Listen to ‘Get Out’ on Soundcloud:

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