Singer/songwriter Kole’s new single- “Let It Burn”


KOLE is a singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer from Los Angeles. Born and raised in the San Fernando Valley (or the 818), she grew up a classical pianist, actress, and singer, and began writing songs at the age of 11. Hundreds of songs, gigs, and a degree from UCLA’s Ethnomusicology program later, KOLE finds herself at the epicenter of a pop revolution – bringing genre-bending, thought-provoking, and fresh sounds to the musical landscape of today. The community has taken notice – KOLE is an in-demand songwriter and singer for some of the most exciting electronic music producers of today, her most recent release with New York based producer Aire Atlantica (“Cut You Off”), and she has releases planned throughout the summer with producers and artists around the world.

KOLE has collaborated with producers like Cassian, Dan Heath (Lana del Rey), Miami Horror, Kidswaste, and many (many) more. As a female songwriter and producer, KOLE is passionate about equality in the music industry – she is one of many women working to create a collaborative environment for women to work together behind the scenes.

At 21, KOLE has a voice (both in her writing and in her performance) well beyond her years – and she’s just getting started. Her first single, “Wildflower,” is nu-disco pop perfection, and has amassed over 200,000 plays on Spotify.

Her second single, “Let it Burn” (released June 8th) was co-produced by Miami Horror, has garnered comparisons to Lykki Li and Lana del Rey, and is sure to take the world by storm.


I wrote “Let it Burn” in an afternoon, at my friend Benjamin Plant (of Miami Horror’s) house in LA. He showed me a start of an idea (what ended up being the instrumental introduction), and I immediately began writing – the song itself (melody and lyrics) was finished in about 20 minutes! The song as a whole reflect a feeling – the joy of letting something toxic “burn down” after holding on for too long. Learning to recognize when something must fall before repeating a pattern again and again. Trusting that when it ends, you’ll actually feel much better then before.


Source- Boats and Jokes PR

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