Ten airgun accessories list

Now that you have your airgun and pellets what are some other airgun related accessories that you should consider buying to enhance your airgunning experience?

Here’s a list of ten that you should consider buying.

1. It’s important to wear safety glasses when your shooting. All it takes is one bad ricochet to cause big problems in your life if you aren’t wearing them. So get yourself a good pair of shooting glasses.

2. Since most pellets contain lead after a long day of shooting it’s always a good idea to have something to clean your hands with to remove any lead residue from your hands and face. You can use regular soap and hot water but you will also find specially formulated hand cleaners and wipes that tend to do a better job.

3. Now that you have that nice looking rifle or pistol and you don’t want it getting all scratched up it’s a good idea to purchase a gun case to keep it in when your not shooting it or transporting it to and from the range. Be sure to measure your gun to make sure you get the right size.

4. A pellet pouch is a nice way to carry your pellets around with you. The pouches aren’t very expensive either I found several nice ones for under $10.

5. Even though airguns need cleaned a lot less then traditional firearms its still nice to have a good cleaning kit or rope bore to keep the barrel of your gun clean when needed.

6. Gun oils and lubes are also a good addition to help you to get many years of use out of your airgun. When buying them make sure to get the type that’s recommended for your make of gun otherwise you might end up hurting some of the guns internal parts.

7. A nice multitool is always a good idea to carry with you to make any necessary adjustments on your gun or scope while shooting it or for any little repairs that might come up along the way.

8. You’ll want to buy some good ear protection, be it ear plugs or shooter headphones. While it might not be as loud as a regular firearm after a full day of shooting you might experience some discomfort or ringing in your ears if your don’t protect them. Plus if your shooting at a range it will also help to keep out the noises from the other shooters around you.

9. Targets are nice to give you something to shoot at. They can be something simple like my brother just uses paper plates. Or you can buy preprinted targets with everything from zombies to various games (Tic Tac Toe, Poker, Battleship etc…) printed on them that you can play. You’ll also find many different spinner or reset types of targets out there that you can buy that make it fun to shoot at them. It’s pretty much up to your personal preferences.

10. Last thing I would suggest for you to purchase is a nice small duffel type bag to keep and carry all of the above stuff in when you go shooting. This way you won’t have to be looking around the house for things every time you decide to head out and shot some pellets.

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