7Core Music’s Latest Compilation

In my Internet searches to find new content for the site I was lucky (blessed) to come across the website for 7Core
Music. They are an independent record label based out of the UK. You might recognize the founders, Trevor Michael and his wife Rachel. As a producer Trevor has worked with artist like, Martin Smith, Matt Redman and the band Delirious. The label got its start in January 2012 with what they describe as, ‘a passion for quality Alternative Christian Music.’

The label’s latest compilation #3 was just released this month and features songs from label artist, Tina Boonstra, Ian Yates, Foldinglights, Maria Gilpen, Throwback Kid and The Neon Ambience.

You can hear it here:


Label Website:


7Core Music’s latest compilation #3 does what any good compilation should, give you a taste of the label’s musical roster while leaving you wanting more. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

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