Lasso Spells premieres “Bohemian Mechanics”

LISTEN to “Bohemian Mechanics” on Soundcloud

A modern band with vintage vibes, Lasso Spells breathes new life into old-school sounds, swirling together a range of influences – including garage rock, ’60s and ’70s psych, and cosmic country – into music that nods to the past while still pushing forward.

It’s a sound that owes much to the hazy, sun-baked spirit of Northern California, where frontman Brett Dudash grew up.

Long before he relocated to Tennessee during his 20s, Dudash spent his time on the West Coast, absorbing the music of California-based groups like the Doors and Neil Young along the way. He later moved to Nashville and quickly began kicking around in the dive-bar country music and rock ‘n’ roll house show scenes, eventually joining the garage-influenced psych band Ranch Ghost. After a two-year run with the group – including a festival appearance at Bonnaroo 2013 and a string of cross-country shows – Dudash left the lineup to start his own project.

Lasso Spells was formed in 2015. One year later, Dudash introduced his band’s sound with Stuck in a Shape.

Recorded at Electric Kite studios with vintage instruments and a reel of two-inch tape, the debut album was released by the Brooklyn-based label Cold Fantasy in December 2016, followed by a self-titled 7″ record later that month.

Influenced by Love, the psychedelic swirl of 13th Floor Elevators, and the countercultural western twang of Gram Parsons, Stuck in a Shape was the sound of a darker, swinging 1960s – the soundtrack for a walk through the desert in Beatle boots.

Bohemian Mechanics arrives two years later. Largely tracked and self-produced at Dudash’s home, it’s an album about the digital-crazed modern world, filled with lyrics that urge listeners to wake up, get informed, and make independent decisions. Dudash recorded the songs with multi-instrumentalist Charlie Shea (Charlie and the Evil Mothers, Okey Dokey), using decades old keyboards and other vintage gear – including a 1960s Rogers drumkit, a 5-watt National Westwood guitar amp, and a late-60s Guild Starfire V – to capture a warm, woozy sound. The result is a record of melodic, moody West Coast psych, filled with pop melodies, garage-surf guitars, pedal steel, amplified fuzz, reverb-heavy riffs, stomping percussion, and the steady swoon of Dudash’s voice.

Lasso Spells’ Bohemian Mechanics may be rooted in the glory days of psychedelic music, but it isn’t a call to turn on, tune in, and drop out. Instead, it’s a call to awareness. A record about the pull between disconnecting from the world and becoming too connected to it. It’s also Lasso Spells’ most driven music yet, balanced equally between dark, hypnotic textures and sharp, song-based writing.

Source- Sub Rosa PR

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