Moscow Apartment’s, “Orange” single

“Orange” is about the weird twilight-zone feeling that happens sometimes at sunset – when things suddenly don’t feel real, like everything around you is a movie.

We originally submitted the demo for “Orange” (produced by Samantha Martin) to the Canadian Songwriting Competition and wound up winning in the Under 18 category. Joel Plaskett was one of the judges and we got to spend an afternoon with him in Halifax picking his brain about music, songwriting, and production. It was amazing.

We then went back into the studio and co-produced the final version with Guillermo Subauste who engineered two of the songs on our last EP and our last single, “Be You”. The recording experience was fun because we had really strong ideas of what we wanted “Orange” to sound like and we were able to manifest those ideas with Guillermo’s help.

You can hear the single “Orange” Here.

We’re currently hard at work on our second EP which will be released in the future through Hidden Pony Records and are super lucky to be a part of the Slaight Music family after winning their It’s Your Shot competition. Thanks to that,

Kevin Drew heard our music and really liked it – we were so excited when he came to one of our shows in Collingwood!


Source- Moscow Apartment (Brighid Fry & Pascale Padilla)

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