Upcoming Paden new single

Paden: Ringing in the New Year with New Single “Songbird”

After over 30,000 streams across platforms, the band Paden plans to release their fourth single, “Songbird”, on January 11, 2019. Their indie alternative music explores themes of wistful nostalgia and the emotions of growing up.

The band Paden is a husband and wife duo based in Nashville, TN. Originally from Canada, the pair is breaking the Nashville mold with their Indie Alternative music, creating songs that contemplate the struggles of adulthood by exploring the wonder, curiosity, and innocence of being young. The music features unique and catchy melodies sung by alternating male and female lead vocals, with lyrics that dive into themes of belonging and nostalgia. The members of the band, Phillip and Sabrina Englehart, combine their talents to create music that would inspire and give hope to their 15 year old selves, sharing the message that no one is alone. Since the debut of their first EP in October 2018, the group has accumulated over 30,000 streams across platforms, with placements on Spotify’s New Music Friday Canada and Contemporary Blend playlists. Now, to welcome in the new year, Paden is set to release a new single, titled “Songbird”, on January 11, 2019.

“Songbird” takes on a tone more serious than Paden’s previous releases. The song features female vocals and tells the story of two birds, one who has missed its opportunity to see the world and another who is just learning to fly. The juxtaposition laid out in the words is mirrored in the track’s instrumentation, as electric guitar and banjo take turns soloing in a call and response style.

Paden has been working closely with South African producer and artist, Vian Izak, to create a string of releases that will lead up to a full length album scheduled for release in April of 2019. The duo is signed to Nashville independent music label, Vohnic Music LLC, a label that focuses on combining music with illustrations, comic books, and video games.

This is Paden’s fourth single.

Paden’s new single, “Songbird”, arrives January 11, 2019 through Vohnic Music LLC.


Source- Vohnic Music

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