Rvnners ‘Through The Wall’

The first single from our forthcoming new EP (produced by Crispin Day) is “Through The Wall,” a look at the hidden struggles of addiction, failure, and redemption.

“Through The Wall” was written after years of getting sober, medication, and work. I had this image of a ghost pacing back and forth behind a wall that no one could see, trying to get out.

Recovery is 90% personal – no one can get inside your head and fully understand.

“Through The Wall” is being released at a time where I feel almost normal. After nearly 15 years of addiction, hitting rock bottom, to entering recovery, it finally feels over.

I want to dedicate this song to anyone struggling in life – whether it be with chronic pain, BPD, depression, self harm, anxiety, surviving abuse, trying to make a life out of less than nothing.

The problems that take decades. Everybody has their own wall.

Thank you for listening. I hope that “Through The Wall” can serve as a reminder that you’re never alone.

Soundcloud “Through The Wall”:


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Source- Rvnners

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