MeYA’s “Just a Body” single

Releasing on March 17th “Just a Body” is the third single off of MeYA’s debut EP, ‘Body Parts’. Their music has been influenced by artist like, BloodPop, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. The track is a catchy pop tune. After March 17th you can listen to it on, Spotify, Apple Music & Google Play.

MeYa Bio:

MeYA is an electric-girl pop duo comprising of Mena Lovin and Yasmine Staub. The two singers met on a film set in L.A. Originally from Melbourne and Perth Australia (respectively), Mena and Yasmine came together in the summer of 2015 for their mutual love of eclectic, colorful pop.

JUST A BODY is their 3rd single off their Debut EP BODY PARTS and is an autobiographical account of Mena and Yasmine’s experiences in the entertainment industry. With influences like BloodPop and Charlie XCX the two girls have opened up their journals to the world. Just A Body starts off with a enigmatic sting section and builds into a colorful fast paced pop song filled with emotional highs and lows. With lyrics that tackle fear, power and rejection – Just A Body – is a girly power-pop song that aims to empower!

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