Acoustic duo Dracula highly anticipated first LP

The Miami based duo Dracula are one of the foremost folk acts of Miami and South Florida, with a solid following not only in the music circles but also in the art and gallery scene of the Magic City. Dracula’s signature style of intricately harmonized vocals over an acoustic guitar is easily identifiable and has garnered them a solid following in Florida.

Having released several EPs on cassette, Dracula is now releasing their highly anticipated debut LP, called Dorys & Eli. The album is out now via Sweat Records.

Their songs are mostly in English and/or Spanish, but their repertoire includes songs in Portuguese, French, and Japanese. Dracula performs mostly covers, tributes or interpretations of artists and songs they admire, not limiting their selection to folk. A great example of this is their take on Selena’s “Como La Flor”, which made NPR’s top 100 tracks of 2018.

“This is an opportunity to gather songs that we’ve collected from our experiences over the years that we love and we hope everyone can enjoy them as much as we have.” – Dracula, on the Dorys & Eli LP.

About Dracula

Dracula was in 2009 formed by Eli Oviedo and Dorys Bello. The duo has been actively playing and performing music since childhood, and as Dracula have performed in diverse scenes and venues, including the Vizcaya Museum, Miami’s esteemed III Points festival, a cemetery series with roaming arts presenters Spring Break, and the International Noise Conference held annually at Churchill’s Pub. Their act is simple and stylistic, consisting only of vocals and guitar; they gained a widespread appreciation for their live acts by performing kneeling in front of each other, creating a very intimate and magical ambiance. Dracula have two previous releases, both in cassette tape format.

Dracula’s upcoming LP Dorys & Eli is out now via Sweat Records, the new label born out of Miami’s internationally-recognized vinyl shop, Sweat Records. It is the duo’s first full-length album and first vinyl release in their 10-year existence. It was recorded by Andrew “Le Spam” Yeomanson’s City of Progress Studios, mixed by Yeomanson alongside Grammy-winning engineer Carlos Alvarez. The album was mastered by the equally acclaimed Sarah Register. Dorys & Eli is their first suite of music to feature studio musicians and session players. This includes additional guitar by Oviedo’s father, Manual De Jesus Oviedo, and Rainer Davies, trumpet and additional arrangements by Chas Reskin, and cello by Ashley Garritson from Nu Deco Ensemble / Miami City Balle.

Purchase ‘Dorys & Eli’ Link

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