The Rust announces its first mini album titled, ‘Forget-Me-Not’

(Tokyo, Japan:) Japanese indie post-rock band, The Rust proudly announces its latest release; a first mini album titled“Forget-Me-Not” which is now up to 16th in the Japanese indies chart. The Rust’s first CD Forget-Me-Not is now on sale.The MV was frequently broadcasted at the street vision of SHIBUYA 109.

The mini album comprises of three singles- Forget-Me-Not, Your World and Words of Love. Each single is delivered to a background of vocals from A+, guitar and ambient melody common to the Rust music. The Rust prides itself as one of few bands who write, compose, arrange, produce and also record themselves and this album is the coming age of this talented group.

After releasing Forget-Me-Not, they have gone to produce and release a post-classical piano song called “Last Breath”, and a ”Last Breath” string quartet version, a “Last Breath” ambient version, and a “Forget-Me-Not” DJ remix.

The Rust is an alternative, dream pop, and post rock band from Japan. They are influenced by a wide range of music such as contemporary jazz and contemporary music, with Folk Rock/Alternative /Dream Pop/Post Rock as background. The Rust is highly regarded in Japan as the ultimate melody makers, weaving delicate melodies in precise arrangements to make music that stand out. Their roaring guitar style is a compelling attraction to rock fans.

Order “Forget-Me-Not” on Apple iTunes at and on Amazon at

About The Rust:
The last rock meister that appeared in the Japanese scene, The Rust. Genre is Folk Rock/ Alternative/ Dream Pop/Post Rock. Their origin is unknown at all, but the band is composed of brothers A+, who is on the vocal and has been influenced widely from UK rock and US rock to contemporary jazz and contemporary music, and younger brother Su who likes the early Beatles and Stray Cats.

Source- Boats and Jokes PR

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