Georgia James’ ‘Start A War’ in digital stores

For Immediate Release

‘Start A War’ will be in digital stores on the 24th of May.

Start A War is the debut single by singer/songwriter Georgia James. Hailing from Brisbane, Queensland, Georgia specializes in melancholic melodies while her voice has a powerful, rich-tone that packs a punch.

Start A War explores the emotions you feel when you’ve hurt someone you love, hoping it hasn’t done irreversible damage to the relationship. It is about anxiously waiting as the dust settles, to see what is left.

“I wrote Start A War hungover on a Sunday, mucking around on the piano. I was feeling sorry for myself and thinking about the messed-up things people put each other through in relationships. My sister and I were talking one day about how when you’re younger you think you’ll meet someone, you like each other and that is that. As it turns out things are a lot more complicated and I guess you could say this song came out of the frustration of that realization.” – Georgia James

The song was recorded in early March at Jarsonic in Brisbane alongside owner and producer Raf Mikolajczyk and composer Adrian Diery. Drums and bass for the track were written and performed by drummer Nick Keogh-Peel of Patient Lounge and Matilda Red.

Georgia James is at the beginning of her career as a singer/songwriter. Music has always been an important staple in her life, and she grew up embracing a strong connection to it. Her love of music is uninfluenced by genre – from Etta James’ blues, Red Hot Chili Peppers’ funk, to Queen’s rock; this tends to creep through into the music she writes.

In late 2018 Georgia released an acoustic version of her song Linger on Triple J with some interest, the song reaching number 33 on the Unearthed charts the week after. Since then Georgia has been inspired to pursue music more seriously, which has resulted in the release of Start A War this year.

After years of hiding her voice to the confines of her bedroom Georgia has finally decided to share her music with the world and plans to release music and perform throughout 2019, with upcoming shows to be announced.


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