Clayton Bellamy and The Congregation, “Resistorz”

Clayton Bellamy and The Congregation are out touring internationally in support of their upcoming record due out later this year.

The latest single from them is, “Resistorz,” a guitar driven blusey, rock, gospel sounding track that’s overflowing with soul.

If your a fan of the Black Keys and the real roots of rock n’ roll Clayton Bellamy and The Congregation’s music will be to your liking.

You can hear the track HERE

Catch Clayton on Tour This Summer:

July 5th – Tours, France – Parc Des Expositions (Grand Hall)
July 13th – Calgary, AB – Calgary Stampede – Big Four Roadhouse
July 26th – Timmins – Rock on the River
Aug 15th – Grand Bend – Gables
Aug 16th – Havelock –
Sept 6 – Orono Fair
Sept 14 – Winnipeg – The Forks
Sept 21 – Richmond Fair – Richmond ON
Oct 19 – Waterloo – Bingeman’s

Source- Digital Artist Services

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