The Odd Neighbourhood’s new single ‘Cherry Wine’

Single due out on August 14th

About ‘Cherry Wine’

‘Cherry Wine’ is The Odd Neighbourhood’s newest single to hit the airwaves. Sonically, it features a calming nostalgia heard from such acts as Adams’ aforementioned influences from the 60s and 70s, but also has an energetic pulse that drives throughout the entire track. Being that this is a good old fashioned pop/love song, Cherry Wine sounds just as delicious as it tastes. As summer is nearing its end, Cherry Wine will most definitely carry on as a hit into the fall of 2019.

For Fans of: Supertramp, Tame Impala, The Velveteins, DIIV, Tycho

All music written, performed, recorded and produced by: Travis Adams

Mastered By: CPS Mastering

Hailing from Nanaimo, BC, The Odd Neighbourhood would have you believe that the vibrant urban center on the east side of Vancouver Island is not all as it seems.

The brain child of songwriter and musician Travis Adams, The Odd Neighbourhood got it’s name from Adams strolling through his hometown late at night to notice how strange of a place it really is, particularly seeing someone washing their 1967 Jaguar at 1:30 AM. Since 2016, Adams has been bringing his musical vision to life through the sounds of The Odd Neighbourhood, and so far fans are loving what they hear. With influences such as The Beatles, Tame Impala, The Beach Boys, and Elvis Costello, Adams incorporates these sounds with a more modern and fresh take on the rock genre as a whole.

Since the release of last year’s LP The Pros and Cons of Business School, The Odd Neighbourhood have been riding a wave of momentum with positive reviews national acclaim.

The wait for, ‘Cherry Wine’ is almost over.

Source- Presstown Media

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