Louie & the Wolf Gang, ‘Don’t Stop the Bop! EP’

Release date: Friday, September 6th 2019

Rockabilly band Louie & The Wolf Gang are releasing their debut, Don’t stop the Bop! today. The ep comes with the brilliant country-rockabilly-smasher (S)Mashed Potatoes as leading track. Louie & The Wolf Gang have a release-party at Werkk Baden/Switzerland scheduled to celebrate the event today.

The four musicians from Baden have helped to shape the Swiss roots and rockabilly scene: with bands like Blown Mad, the Rolling-Stones tribute band The Rolling Tongues, or as touring members of well-known soul musician Doug Duffey from Louisiana/USA as well as rockabilly-roots-trio The Sun Skippers. Double bassist Phil also used to organize the big trash-town festivals in the quartet’s hometown, drawing a huge international audience.

Tour dates:

Fr, 20. Sept. 2019: Werkk/Baden AG (Albumtaufe, w. The Booze Bombs/D)

Sa, 25.1.2020: Dreien/SG, Silverranch

Fr, 28.2.2020: Erlinsbach/AG: Tiki-Bash-Festival (tbc.)

Sa, 29.2.2020: Oxil/Zofingen AG

Do, 9.4.2020: Screwdriver Bar, Langenthal/BE (Easter-Festival)

Sa, 25.4.2020: Frauenfeld/TG, Falken

Sa, 16.5.2020: Rock-Garage (tba)

Sa, 27.6.2020: Club-Gig (tba.)

More dates tba

Website- https://www.louieandthewolfgang.com/

Source- Ambulance Recordings

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