Beat City Tubeworks single “Rat Race” is out now

“Rat Race”, is the second single taken from Beat City Tubeworks upcoming album ‘I Just Cannot Believe It’s the Incredible…’ which hits the shelves the 6th of December. The single is released with a music video that old fans of the band will recognize from Beat City Tubeworks early days.

Beat City Tubeworks has previously released the album and the video themselves. The album was recorded in 2016 and distributed on vinyl exclusively in the bands hometown, Jönköping.

Holding some of the catchiest rock ’n’ roll to come out of Sweden, the band teamed up with The Sign Records to make the album available for the whole world to enjoy. “I just cannot believe it’s the incredible Beat City Tubeworks” will be released digitally and on vinyl and CD by The Sign.

The album was recorded in 2016 by Ulf Blomberg in Hobo Rec studio. Remastered in 2019 by Svenska Grammofonstudion for worldwide release through The Sign Records.

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Beat City Tubeworks can best be described as energetic 70’s influenced rock’n’roll / garage rock in it’s true form and glory… On steroids! The songs delivers a raw catchiness, with blazing electric guitars, honky licks, and thoughtful melodic hooks! Add a captivating pulsebeat tight percussion, and some killer baselines, and characteristic vocals to that, and it all results in a big sound!

In a genre where it’s often hard not to draw clear similarities to classic rock’n’roll acts that we all got to know and love from the 70’s, (and the new wave of bands in that genre in the 90’s) Beat City Tubeworks still manages to pull off quite a unique sound of their own! Beat City Tubeworks was formed in the city of Jönköping, Sweden early 2015.

Beat City Tubeworks has a reputation for being a superb live act, and deliver great performances. The band have shared the stage with acts as Danko Jones, Giuda, The Nomads, Deadheads and Vojd. This is when the band really comes to adopt it’s true shape, energy, and glowing spirit!

They aim to please.. Are you ready?

Source- The Sign Records

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