NASCAR and Esports

What started out as a fun little diversion from the daily onslaught of coronavirus news NASCAR’s, ‘ eNASCAR Pro Invitational Series,’ Esport version of the real thing has turned serious with real world implications happening to participating drivers.

Driver Daniel Suarez became the first car ever disqualified by officials in NASCAR’s iRacing Series at a virtual race held at Texas Motor Speedway. With only 8 laps left in the race Clint Bowyer, who like in real life racing has become a human wrecking ball in his E-sport racing car and Greg Biffle got together bringing out a caution flag. Apparently Suarez had a beef with Ty Dillon for an earlier incident and used the yellow flag to try spinning Dillon out. Suarez pulled to Dillon’s inside and then quickly turned his car to the right trying to clip Dillon’s car and spin him out. Suarez missed though and instead his car slammed the outside wall and was parked for the rest of the race by race officials. Later in interviews Suarez tried to use. ‘the dog done it excuse.’ claiming at that precise moment his dog jumped on his steering wheel causing it to swerve at Dillon’s car.

The next big incident happened in another race when Bubba Wallace got so mad that he quit right in the middle of a Esports race and as a result lost real life car sponsor, Blu-emu. This action even has a term. It’s called, ‘rage quitting.’

Things took a really serious turn in the Esports arena with Kyle Larson. Larson thought he was on a private channel with just his spotter when after not getting any reply from the spotter asked, “You can’t hear me N-word?” He was on an open channel and what he said was heard by everyone racing and watching the race. First his sponsors like McDonalds dropped him then Chip Ganassi Racing decided to fire him and part ways leaving Larson a racer without a ride and real life job.

Larson has a reputation for being a top notch dirt track driver and owns a car that he competes with in the World of Outlaws Sprint car series. According to a release from that organization they will allow Larson to continue competing in that series of racing as long as he completes a racial sensitivity program.

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