TopJaw Releases New Single ‘Queen’s Crown’

Between engaging riffs and contagious melodies, the latest work by the band from Los Angeles, California, blends hard and classic veins of an energetic rock that vibrates and drags us on the rhythm of contemporary life.

Mike Kindel (guitar, vocals), Will Wilson (vocals, bass) and Sammy Wilson (drums, vocals), are the creators of this driving power rock sound and with ‘Queen’s Crown’ they release the sixth of a series of nine songs. The next one will be ‘8 Years’, expected for Memorial Day, on May 25th.

Vehement, powerful and energetic, ‘Queen’s Crown’ is a heavy-hitting rock song with an upbeat feeling, about a girl who behaves and acts like she’s the queen of the world. But her lies are destined to catch up with her in the end!

With the growing and growling, full-bodied, scenographically virtuous and feverishly contagious sound of ‘Queen’s Crown’, TopJaw really seems to be ready to storm across America and beyond. With a US tour and Serbian festival postponed due to the pandemic, this force-of-nature trio can’t wait to return to the stages, ready to grab the audience thanks to the overwhelming adrenaline rush of their performances.

Released on April 3, 2020, TopJaw’s new single ‘Queen’s Crown’ is available for streaming on all major digital platforms.

To find out more TopJaw and their music, and to not miss the dates of their upcoming events, check and follow

TopJaw’s social profiles:

@topjawband or

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