Good Dog Nigel Shares New Video For “Strawberries”

May 2020: Good Dog Nigel, the stage name of 23-year old Parker Emeigh, shares a new video for his latest single “Strawberries”, shot live at Spacebomb Records’ studio in Richmond, VA.

“From the guitar tone to the lilt of the riff to the vocal runs, the influence of The Beatles is evident,” said American Songwriter in their interview with Emeigh. “Even the way [he] dresses is reminiscent of the late ‘60s fashion — a calculated move on the part of Emeigh, who adores showmanship in music…the new live video [is] such a good example of what Emeigh’s artistry is all about.”

Watch “Strawberries” (Live At Spacebomb) via YouTube:

“I’m glad this session ended up being on the back burner for a minute, because the timing of its release couldn’t be better,” states Parker. “I don’t live in the same town as the band, we’re actually all across VA, so after SXSW was canceled we all just sort of retreated home. Because the guys are all spread out it’s been hard to get everyone together for practice. But we have tried some responsible distance practicing in the yard and are working on figuring out a live stream. In the mean time I think this session is a really good way to showcase the band playing the single live. Stay safe! And much love.”

“Strawberries” was originally released at the beginning of March as Good Dog Nigel was gearing up to head to Austin for their SXSW debut. “If you’ve been on the hunt for a 70s-style rocker with an electric guitar and ruffled blouse, you’re in luck,” exclaimed Flaunt Magazine upon the song’s release.

Parker Emeigh (pronounced “Amy”) is a self-proclaimed hopeless romantic who devoutly follows the philosophy that “Life is too precious to not do what makes you and others happy.” With a strong feeling of not fitting in, Parker dropped out of college at 20 years old supported with the belief that you can truly do whatever you want, which for Parker was to entertain. He didn’t even know how to play the guitar at this point but once he dropped out and started writing songs, he knew he’d found his vehicle.

The first step in Parker’s plan was uploading a six-track sampler to BandCamp followed quickly by an optimistic first live show – optimistic because at this point he could barely play guitar. With a strong focus on showmanship, video projections, and flamboyant clothes, it was only when he climbed on stage that he realized you need a guitar strap while standing and performing. But the show went on, guitar tucked under one arm, and people had a good time just as intended. He wasn’t thinking about where this would all take him, even telling himself not to worry about the future and to just enjoy it because he’s found what he loves to do.

Hours of emailing and cold calling venues, touring artists, and their managers, led to supporting slots with Nude Party, Shy Boys, Jackie Cohen, Sleepwalkers, Kate Bollinger and Dr Danny. With Good Dog Nigel almost fully formed, Parker recorded a new set of songs with band member Thomas Dean in his kitchen on a tape machine, which would form the EP, The Implied Sunrise. Dean shared Parker’s own energy and desire for the band, so much so that they ordered 300 copies of the new music on vinyl before even thinking about putting it on online first. In true Good Dog Nigel fashion, through pure character and positive energy, they were able to sell all 300 records directly to record stores and at shows in the space of just three months.

Source- Missing Piece Group

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