Rising country artist Chelsey James

One of the best parts of writing about music on the Internet is I get to hear about rising artist. Such is the case when I got contacted about rising artist Chelsey James by Dawn from Kore PR.

I visited the included link in the message to view James’ video for her single, “Hands on the Bible.” As the sound and video sprung to life I thought I was transported in to a Norman Rockwell painting. The video is filled with images of family and small town farm life. In the troubled and complicated times we live in these days it was nice to hear a song that gets back to the basics of life and what really matters in the end.

James’ song lyrics come from her Christian upbringing and God-centered life that she live. “Hands on the Bible,” has the simple message of all you need in life is, earthly food and Spiritual food, The piano ballad track says it all with lyrics like, “Living that life where all you need for survival / is bread on the table and hands on the Bible.”

Her popularity is growing quickly with, “Hands on the Bible” having over 100k streams on Spotify.

You can learn more about Chelsey James at these links:

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/7E1voHe5TyUOHRXjQyq5eJ
Chelsey James Website: https://www.chelseyjames.com
Chelsey James- Hands on the Bible (Official Music Video) https://youtu.be/a04rLUNnrPo

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