For those of you new to the site or curious about the the story behind it just read on to learn the details. I’ve always enjoyed writing so many years ago I got started putting out a paper newsletter called, Christian Rockers. As the internet grew I moved it over to the web and added Online to the title. I bought the url ChristianRockersOnline.com and covered anything related to Contemporary Christian Music on it.

As the years went by I decided to venture also in to writing about Indie Music. At first I wrote for several other websites before starting my own. I had several Indie Music related sites over the years including Indie Music Stop and The CD Reviewer.

A few years back the college softball bug bit me after watching a Texas game on TV. I was hooked and started writing also about college softball.

CW’s Place is now where I can write about all of my interest.

Besides writing for my own sites, over the years I’ve also written for other places. Here’s a list of a few of them:

College Sports Madness (Sports)
BREATHEcast (Christian music)
CM Spin (Christian music)
Hot Indie Music (Indie music)
CWG (Indie music)

Thanks for your time and feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

CW Ross