Airgun scope basics

Whether your a grizzled airgun veteran or a newbie picking the right scope can be a mind boggling job. Hopefully this article will give you some of the basics and help you to make an informed decision when you choose… Read More ›

PCP Basic’s Primer

Or how to go broke without gambling your money away! After much thought I decided to move into the world of PCP (Pre-charged pneumatic) airguns. This is a scary step for someone that has no previous experience with this type… Read More ›

My Airgun Collection

Here’s a list of my air gun collection and accessories that I have bought so far on my airgun journey. Last Updated 7/28/18 Rifles: Umarex 2251300 Surge (.177-Caliber) Hatsan BullBoss QE PCP (.25 -Caliber) Pistols: Beeman Marksman P17 (.177-Caliber) Crosman… Read More ›

200-300 Yards shots?

Since my writings are geared more towards the new airgun enthusiast I want to talk about this long range shooting that’s the big thing now were people are competing shooting airguns to see how far they can shoot and hit… Read More ›