Sugarchild “Nothing” Single

90s Indie darlings Sugarchild are back with an album of dark, sparkling and utterly contemporary rock songs. The new album Dangerous sees the band delivering on its early promise with themes and tunes for the current age. Dangerous is set to shock and awe with epic guitars and vocals that switch between sweet and menacing.

Sugarchild’s prestigious history dates back to when the band were teenagers in the 1990s. A staple live act of the time, Sugarchild supported Jebediah’s national ‘Animal’ Tour, as well as Pollyanna, Effigy, The Rosemary Beads and many more. The band played at Fremantle’s Millennium concert to 20,000 people. They have received airplay on Triple J, RTRFM, RRR and independent radio around Australia, and been profiled in Rolling Stone and national street press.

In 2016, Sugarchild enlisted drummer Tim Jewell, formerly of Humbug, to record an album with Dave Parkin at Blackbird Studios. Dangerous showcases a band finally delivering on its early potential. With themes running the gamut of the zombie apocalypse, suicide in faraway places, the love-rush of parenthood and racism in Australian society, Dangerous is truly an album for our time, delivered by a band who have waited 20 years to make their masterpiece.

Lead single, ‘Nothing’, is about finding yourself in a situation where you may not feel ready for the adversity that you face, but there is no choice but to step up and take on the challenge. It’s about being ready to fight regardless of the outcomes – “I won’t be bleeding for nothing.” Essentially, it’s a song about finding your own strength even when you haven’t got it.

Singer and songwriter Katie Attwell described channeling the character Rick Grimes from the dark post-zombie apocalypse TV drama, The Walking Dead. “He’s a character I love to embody. As a woman in a patriarchal society, a feeling of absolute power is something I don’t get to experience in my day to day life.”

‘Nothing’ is a punchy, throbbing rock song that takes no prisoners! Driven by fuzzed up phat bass, with fierce guitars and big riffs, this song has a rolling energy. The strong vocals give weight to the solid musicianship and drive the theme of the song home: “We won’t be bleeding for nothing, we won’t be pleading for nothing.”

For Fans Of: Jezabels | New Order | REM | Hole | Bruce Springsteen | The Killers

Nothing by SUGARCHILD is available in digital stores now.


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Tami, “The Sugar Shack” Single

“My hope is that everyone can find their own strength and listen to their voice.” – Tami

Indeed. With her debut album, Velvet & Steel, Tami brings experience, strength and grace to a body of work that exemplifies woman empowerment. “This album is a journey. A journey of my soul,” says Tami.

A vulnerable masterpiece that is the result of a complex, adventurous and a fulfilling range of life experiences, taking you on a passage of soulful songs, nodding towards great eras and artists. She is a power- ful voice packed in a small feminine package that speaks to a broad range of generations.

When renowned songwriting legend, Bobby Braddock (who has penned 13 number one songs throughout his career) and Tami began to select songs, she insisted that none of the songs should have a message about “being a victim.”

That passion resulted in the heralding anthem, “Strong Woman”, written by Brad- dock, opens the album. A song that encompasses Tami’s powerful message with funky, rock conviction. The track sets the tone for an album that speak to today’s cultural and global topics.

As a single mother, survivor of domestic abuse in a short marriage, cancer and witnessing the human condition first hand through world travel and personal experience gives Tami a humble perspective. “I try to speak with grace, always,” Tami says. “There are so many issues right now that are so important – not only women’s rights, but human rights all together. I know who I am and can speak strongly.”

The first single,“The Sugar Shack” – is a call for love to return, not through tears but with confidence as the lyrics states,

“She ain’t as tasty as my sugar.” As an addition to the single, Award-winning dance music producer, Tracy Young, delivers a driving remix sure to be a sweet summer 2017 dance-floor hit.

The path to love is not always conventional as evident on in the tongue and cheek track, “Ready to be Rescued.”

Written by Deborah Allen and her co-writers Rafe Van Hoy/Kenny Greenberg, the message is clear that its a woman’s place sometimes in making the moves and saying, “Come get me—on my terms.”

Tami’s music is an expression of stepping into life’s learning experiences. Whether on the legendary Jimmy Reed’s “Honest I Do,” Joe Bonamassa’s “Bridge to Better Days” or The Cure’s “Love Song” she taps into the diverse influences and the relevant messages that made her the artist she is today.

Tami grew up in a small northwestern town in Oklahoma. There was no shortage of music growing up in her home. Her father had a collection of over 5,000 records, which she eventually inherited. While her father gave her the gift of music it was her mother that was her adviser, trusted friend, philosopher, and always encouraged her to follow her dreams.

Packing a suitcase of dreams, Tami moved to Nashville where her music journey began and was em- braced by some of music row’s top producers and songwriters.

In 2010, she and her husband seized a business opportunity with a move to the Far East. The move proved life changing by learning to live, communicate and survive in cold Northern China. She fell in love with the Asian culture and people. It was there she explored her passion for jazz. She quickly became the “American Jazz Singer” performing at the last emperors hotel in a room rich with leather chairs, smoke and bourbon.

Eventually a club owner spotted her and opened up a club especially for her named, Jazz Spot. Upon vacationing in the neighboring country, Tami discovered the lively Blues and Soul club, ‘Oodie’s Place’ on the beautiful island of Koh-Chang-Thailand.

“It was there, where I started looking at my life, the impact on how far I had come. physically and emotionally. I realized my strength and that I really had this strength all along. I finally understood that I could do anything. Love myself and be intertwined in the music which I loved. The music that could make a hu- man connection even with people who don’t speak the same language.”

A special moment on the album comes with ”Fly On” – an uplifting gift written by her son, Saxon. Tami sings it to him and for others as a inspiring reminder to never quit and keep pushing onward and shine through your inner strength.

The album concludes with “Maybe Someday.” The hopeful anthem about loving and accepting each other that was written 50 years ago and remains just as, if not more so, poignant today.

“We must remember we are able to have a voice in today’s world. Sometimes it seems like it’s dwindling back, but we have to keep that passion going and to keep having the conversation. I’m proud to be able to do that because there was a time when we couldn’t. We need to notice love and how others live their lives—if they’re suffering or are in pain,”

Tami says. “I want to matter. I want to make my existence worthwhile,” Tami says.

“My goal is to create awareness of humanity with love, kindness and human rights. Hopefully I can use my voice to do that.”


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Honeymoon Disease Releases, ‘Big Bird’

Honeymoon Disease just released their cover of American soul legend Eddie Floyd’s track ‘Big Bird’. The track is the B-side from the bands upcoming 7″ releases ‘Electric Eel’ that will be released 2nd of May on The Sign Records. The 5th of may the band will kick off their tour of Spain and will later this summer head into the studio to record the follow up album to their debut ”The Transcendence” (Napalm Records). The ‘Electric Eel’ 7″ will be released the 2nd of May on physical format.

Pre-order are available now through Freight Train.
7” available in bundle with patches and t-shirts.
Order here:

Honeymoon Disease is a speedy rock’n’roll quartet from Gothenburg, Sweden. With burning guitar riffs and some sweaty 70’s grooves, this band’s high voltage stage performance will give you a colorful punch right in the face – A glowing black eye with a taste of bands like Thin Lizzy, The Hellacopters and Kiss.

Honeymoon Disease was formed 2014 and only one year after the start they released their debut album ‘The Transcendence’ (Napalm Records). A well acclaimed debut record which put the band on full throttle and they have
been rolling and rocking all over Europe – touring and supporting acts like Imperial State Electric, Graveyard, The Shrine, Horisont and The Vintage Caravan.

Live dates:
1st of April – LINKÖPING, Sweden – The Sign Fest
04th of May – BARCELONA, Spain – Rocksound Almogavers
05th of May – ZARAGOZA, Spain – La Ley Seca
06th of May – VITORIA, Spain – Hell Dorado :: Club Sónico :: Kultur Elkartea
07th of May – SAN SEBASTIÁN, Spain – Convent Garden
08th of May – GIJÓN, Spain – Sala Acapulco (Casino de Asturias)
09th of May – A CORUÑA, Spain – Sala Mardi Gras
10th of May – OURENSE, Spain – Sala Berlín Ourense
11th of May – MADRID, Spain – Fun House Music Bar
12th of May – PORTUGALETE, Spain – ADIMUSIK

Honeymoon Disease Hompage:

Source- The Sign Records

The Weeks New Single, “Start it Up”

Toured with the Meat Puppets, Local H and Kings Of Leon who also released their record on their label – new single

‘Start It Up’ out now

Taken from new album out April via Lightning Rod Records – available to pre-order now: CD / VINYL

Listen to the new single via Soundcloud here:

The Weeks is twin brothers Cyle (vocals) and Cain (drums), Sam Williams (guitar/vocals) and Damien Bone (bass).

Formed when its members were in high school in Jackson, Mississippi, the band self-released its debut EP Dog Days.

More than ten years and a handful of critically acclaimed albums later, the band has relocated to Nashville and toured extensively worldwide with Kings Of Leon and the band liked them so much, they set up their own label – Serpents & Snakes – to put out their record. But their influences run deeper than that, and the grittiness and authenticity of their sound has seen them tour with the likes of both Meat Puppets and Local H in the past.

The Weeks recorded Easy over the course of two weeks at Memphis, TN’s Ardent Studios with producer Paul Ebersold. The album’s mix of smart indie-punk of The Replacements and early REM reflects the legendary studio which it was recorded at – known for hosting both bands, and also early sessions for The White Stripes.The band left Nashville to record in order to disassociate themselves from their everyday routines in the city, and to find a halfway point between their two homes old and new, Mississippi and Nashville. “Memphis has always been the capitol of North Mississippi to us, says guitarist Sam Williams. “We went there to be at Ardent. We knew Paul had learned everything from John Frye and John Hammond so we figured that was the spot. It’s important to keep those historic studios alive and not let them become museums.”

Of the record, frontman Cyle Barnes says, “We called it Easy because every time I make music with these guys, it’s easy. It feels good. But the other side of it is there’s nothing easy about being in a band. There’s nothing easy about staying together for ten years and still wanting to make music. We have the hardest and easiest job on the planet. But it works for us.” Thematically, Easy explores new ground for the band. Bassist Damien Bone explains, “We just wanted to make a rock record. We weren’t as concerned making it a southern rock record. The southern thing is always going to part of what we do. ”

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Sera’s “Call Me Up” EP

For Immediate Release

Sera, an alternative pop/rock band from Brisbane, are proud to announce the release of their upcoming EP Call Me Up. The band debuted in February 2016 with their first single “Doubt Around Me”, a swing-pop track that got people singing and earned rotation on 4ZZZ and attention with 96.5FM.

Since their launch, they have released 3 singles and in late 2016 returned to the studio to record their debut EP, Call Me Up. The EP was recorded at Airlock Studios with producer Yanto Browning of The Medics, Kate Miller-Heidke and Art of Sleeping fame and was named for the EP’s focus on confidence and encouraging people to step up and make it happen.

The songs chosen for the EP were their favourites from the newest material, and ‘Doctor’ is the lead single and first taste of the EP.

“They were actually written at different times throughout the year which goes to show what was on the mind of our front- woman, Eloise Mitchell, our main songwriter. There were no specific influences for the sound of this EP. We tend to draw our influence from many styles of the 90s and 00s (think Foo Fighters, John Mayer, Garbage and Killing Heidi, etc). What we love about the tracks is that they are upbeat and inspiring. They really bring us joy and make us sing along, it just made sense to record these tracks,” says Sera.

As close friends, they have been playing together for a decade, initially playing a sound resembling Regina Spektor crossed with Paramore. Their songwriting has developed since the band’s inception, and they’ve been able to create a defined pop/rock sound, far removed from where they started. Having played various festivals including the Teneriffe and Caxton Street Food & Wine Festival’s music and performance has become a staple for Sera reaching new audiences.

For Fans Of: Paramore | Blondie | Sky Ferreira

“Call Me Up” EP by SERA is available in digital stores now.

Heavy Hearted
Letter To Myself
Clear As Ice


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No Vacation Premiere New Single “Mind Fields” at The Fader

(Photo Credit: Nathan Mandreza)

Out now via Topshelf Records

No Vacation is an Indie/Dream-Pop collective that combines the novel sounds of college nostalgia and surf-tinged bedroom pop to create an addictive feeling of weightlessness. Their new single ‘Mind Fields’ premiered at The Fader, where they not only described the band as ‘very good looking’ but the track as ‘a misty rock song with dreamy hooks’

As No Vacation told The FADER, the track is “an ode to breakups inspired and written during No Vacation’s year-long hiatus. It has a tinge of nostalgia, but at the same time, an air of hopefulness for the future.”

What began as a sunny San Francisco dorm-room duo in early 2015 by frontwoman Sabrina Mai, quickly evolved into a band as Marisa Saunders and Nat Lee entered the fold. Eventually, Harrison Spencer joined and No Vacation migrated from their familiar garage practice spaces to the studio, where they recorded their second release Summer Break Mixtape. This would lead up to their initial break-up later that year. After a year of anticipation, shows under various names, and a few line-up changes, James Shi was added to solidify the official reunion of the 5-piece.

To jumpstart their return, No Vacation have released their new single “Mind Fields” via Topshelf Records. Heavily influenced by the break-up itself, “Mind Fields” highlights the wistful yet buoyant sounds from their upcoming collection, set for release in June 2017.

No Vacation:

Sab Mai // Vocals + Guitar
Marisa Saunders // Bass
Nat Lee // Synth
Harrison Spencer // Guitar
James Shi // Drums

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ZZ Ward Premieres the Music Video for Her Newest Track “The Deep”

ZZ first premiered the bluesy pop song which featured Joey Purp on The Fader and it has since garnered praise for ZZ’s signature soulful vocals.

The song marks ZZ’s first new material in 2017 and introduces her anxiously awaited second full-length album, which is set to arrive this summer.

This spellbinding jam churns out a soulful chant and six-string Southern swagger over a sample of The Charmels’ “As Long As I’ve Got You,” before a scorching cameo from spitter Joey Purp of Chicago’s Savemoney [Chance the Rapper, Vic Mensa] crew. A return to ZZ’s roots, its confessional storytelling documents a decaying relationship with a raw delivery evocative of her earliest blues heroes such as Howlin’ Wolf, Robert Johnson, and Big Mama Thornton.

With a soul-shaking voice and incendiary guitar and harmonica chops, ZZ Ward has consistently delivered powerful neo-blues steeped in hip-hop swagger since the release of her breakout mixtape, Eleven Roses. 2012’s full-length debut, Til The Casket Drops, boasted raucous bluesy anthems like the title track and “Put The Gun Down,” which racked up over 7.4 million Spotify streams and counting, claimed a spot in the Top 10 of AAA radio for 10 weeks, and landed high-profile syncs in the box office smash We’re The Millers, among others. The album also featured standout collaborations with Kendrick Lamar and Freddie Gibbs as ZZ earned acclaim from Rolling Stone, Guitar World, Elle, Interview Magazine, and more in between appearing on Jimmy Kimmel LIVE!, Conan, Good Morning America, The Tonight Show, The View, and many others. Along the way, she toured with the likes of Eric Clapton, Gary Clark, Jr., and Fitz & The Tantrums in addition to hitting the stage of Coachella, Bonnaroo, Firefly, Made In America, and more.

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The Builders and the Butchers Announce New Album, ‘The Spark’

(Artwork Credit: Lukas Ketner)

(Artwork Credit: Lukas Ketner)

Portland-based folk rock band, The Builders and the Butchers, announce their forthcoming album, The Spark, due out May 19th. The band’s fifth LP will be released on Badman Recordings Co., which will be their third release with the label.

Their last album was hailed by Consequence of Sound, who said, “The Builders and the Butchers make records the way the bards used to pass on stories. They’re poetic and captivating, and do to songwriting what Clint Eastwood does to movies,” and this new record follows the same, narrative-driven path.

With comparisons to The Decemberists coming from Pitchfork and The Washington Post, among others, their brand of folk-rock is best served live. Audiences can look forward to lively performances, where fourth wall is broken and the audience is able to participate in call and response sing-a-longs. Sometimes the band will hand out instruments for fans to play, and they’ll even get down off stage to perform right on the floor.

The Builders and The Butchers formed in 2005. Ryan Sollee fronts the band, sings and plays guitar, joined by Willy Kunkle (bass, guitar, vocals, percussion), Justin Bair (drums, backup vocals, percussion) and Harvey Tumbleson (mandolin, banjo, guitar, vocals, percussion). The Portland-based band gained a strong following after years of playing anywhere and everywhere across the city. They quickly grew to become one of the most exciting live bands in Portland and throughout the Pacific Northwest.

The band toured throughout the US and Europe from 2007-2012, playing music festivals, such as Sasquatch and Lollapalooza, and acting as support for Portugal. The Man, Heartless Bastards, Amanda Palmer and Murder By Death.

To support their forthcoming release, The Spark, the band will be playing their first US and European tour in multiple years.

This new album features a wider array of sounds and shorter, impactful songs, while remaining a Builders’ record at heart. The process of creating The Spark was the longest of any Builders’ record to date. They spent the last five years writing the music and a year mixing. With several band members living out of state (Justin in Colorado, Willy in Malta, Harvey in Washington and Ryan and Ray in Portland), many parts were recorded remotely. Drums and much of the electric guitar were recorded at Revolver Studios and the rest was laid down piece-by-piece and mixed by Edgar McCrae at his home studio. Influences for the record range from Tom Waits to The White Stripes.

The Builders and the Butchers – “Older Than Sin”:


The Builders and the Butchers were formed in the Fall of 2005 in Portland, Oregon. The bands’ first two years consisted of busking, playing house shows, and showing up unannounced anywhere around Portland, where people were gathered. People began to take notice and the band transitioned slowly, going from playing on the floor of venues unplugged to gradually adding a mic here, an amp there, until they organically grew into one of the most exciting live bands in the Pacific Northwest. Even when plugged in, a cornerstone of almost every Builders’ show is playing on the floor at some point during the set.

In the past few years, the members of the Builders and the Butchers have laid roots all around the world. They have come together for shows, wrote new material and toured whenever they could.

The members are all originally from Alaska. Justin, the band’s drummer, bought a home in Colorado and makes gin and whiskey for a living. Willy is a captain on a ship, and has been based in Malta for the past couple of years. Harvey lives with his family in Washington state, and Ryan and Ray reside in Portland, Oregon. With all of the logistics involved, The Spark was a challenging record to make.

Touring relentlessly from 2007-2012, the Builders gathered a cult-dedicated fan base across the US and Europe.

Playing dozens of music festivals, such as Sasquatch and Lollapalooza, as well as supporting amazing bands and artists like Portugal. The Man, Amanda Palmer, Murder By Death and Heartless Bastards.

The Builders have scheduled their first US and Europe tours in several years to support their latest release The Spark.

They hope to make music that brings people together for many years to come.

1. All Turn To Fire Pt. 1
2. All Turn To Fire Pt. 2
3. Older Than Sin
4. Let it Shine
5. Casket Lands
6. No Grave
7. Never Tell
8. Darker Day
9. Edge of a Knife
10. Fox
11. Let the Wind Carry Me Home

5/4 – Sunset Tavern – Seattle, WA (LP Release Show)
5/5 – Ft George Brewery – Astoria, OR (LP Release Show)
5/6 – Old Church – Portland, OR (LP Release Show)
6/7 – Bottom of the Hill – San Francisco, CA
6/8 – Crepe Place – Santa Cruz, CA
6/9 – Cellar Door – Visalia, CA
6/11 – Casbah – San Diego, CA
6/27 – Replay Lounge – Lawrence, KS
6/28 – Fisch Haus – Wichita, KS
6/29 & 6/30 – Hi Dive – Denver, CO
7/1 – Laughing Goat – Boulder, CO

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The Choir Offers Fans Entire “Shadow Weaver” Album

For Immediate Release

Band to Tour Classic Wide Eyed Wonder Album, Featuring Reunion with Former Member Robin Spurs

Nashville, TN – Grammy® nominated and Dove award winning alternative music legends The Choir are beginning 2017 with another album-honoring tour. Beginning March 17, the band will be performing their best-selling 1989 release,

Wide Eyed Wonder, in its entirety, alongside other favorite songs, both new and old. Long time fans have been thrilled that Wide Eyed Wonder’s bass player Robin Spurs will reunite with the band for the upcoming tour.

In celebration of the early success in their PledgeMusic campaign to fund a new studio album, The Choir is partnering with NoiseTrade to give away their last studio album Shadow Weaver. This bonus addition has 30 tracks that include the original album, a band commentary edition plus 3 rare bonus cuts. Shadow Weaver is available now at this link:

Hindalong states, “Wide Eyed Wonder was a special time for our band. For me personally, my daughter Emily was just born,and I know Dan and Derri had significant life changes as well. Robin Spurs was playing bass, and brought an energy to The Choir that was wonderful and spirited. This tour will be a great time to rekindle our friendship and chemistry.”

The current PledgeMusic campaign will fan-fund a new studio album and re-master and re-issue Wide Eyed Wonder on vinyl and CD. The leaders in direct-to-fan platforms, PledgeMusic allows artists to get more personal with their fans, offering pledgers not only early access to music in various platforms, but entertaining exclusive band updates and behind the scenes content. Fans will also be able to pledge on special merchandise and one-of-a-kind experiences.

These include the opportunity to play on the band’s new studio album, acoustic personalized videos, signed acoustic guitars with hand-written lyrics, and others. More information on the campaign is at

“The Choir is one of those rare, favorite bands that I was blessed to be a part of, even if for just 2½ years,” Spurs explains. “I am humbled and honored to be invited to join Steve, Derri, and Dan on the road once again for the upcoming Wide Eyed Wonder Tour…part deux!”


The Choir is a Los Angeles and Nashville based alternative rock band consisting of lead singer/guitarist Derri Daugherty, drummer/lyricist Steve Hindalong, sax & lyricon player Dan Michaels, bassist Tim Chandler. Marc Byrd from Hammock regularly appears on the bands project in a co-producer role in addition to guitar. The Choir is presently featuring Robin Spurs on the Wide Eyed Wonder tour. The group has recorded 14 studio albums, 3 EPs, 3 live albums and a live DVD. Their 2001 album Flap Your Wings was nominated for a Grammy® and their 1996 album Free Flying Soul won a Dove Award. Their music has been featured in TV, film and advertisement including the Amazon original series Red Oaks.

(more dates to be announced in the coming weeks)
17 – Lexington, KY
18 – Columbus, OH
19 – Akron, OH
21 – Franklin, IN
22 – St Louis, MO
23 – Moline, IL
24 – St Paul, MN
25 – Aurora, IL
26 – Livonia, MI
27 – Lockport, NY
25 – Owego, NY
29 – E. Brunswick Township, NJ
30 – Vienna, VA

20 – Spring TX
22 – Tulsa, OK
25 – Denver, CO
27 – Phoenix, AZ
28 – San Diego, CA
29 – Costa Mesa, CA
30 – Fresno, CA

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The Head Release New Track, “Tea Colored Radio” With Purevolume

New Album ‘Space’ to be Released August 4th

New Tour Dates Announced

Atlanta rock trio The Head have released a new track, “Tea Colored Radio”. The first single to be released off their forthcoming LP, Space, the song rides high on waves of distortion and pounding drums, and is a rallying cry of creative liberation for the band. The Head writes, “The song references our need as a band to break free of anything holding us back and being okay with not knowing the future”. “Tea Colored Radio” is currently streaming on Purevolume.

Every artist faces a “Road to Damascus moment” in their career, a time when they have to answer the question: “Who am I? Why am I here?” Brothers Mike Shaw (bass, vocals) and Jack Shaw (drums) and Jacob Morrell (guitars) definitively answer that question with their forthcoming record, Space, a 13-song collection that defines their sound and defies lo-fi conventions.

Recorded in their hometown of Atlanta with producers Tanner Hendon & Wyatt Oates at Madison Studios, Space follows their acclaimed 2015 album Millipedes. “We wanted young and hungry producers who aligned with our vision, guys we could gel with on a personal level,” writes Shaw of their recording experience. “We found that in Tanner and Wyatt.” Space will be released on August 4th.

Tour Dates:

3/04/17 – MACON, GA – Hummingbird
3/10/17 – MONTGOMERY, AL – Head on the Door
3/11/17 – LAFAYETTE, LA – Blue Moon Saloon
3/13/17 – BEAUMONT, TX – The Publicity
3/14/17 – SAN ANTONIO, TX – Imagine Books and Records
3/15/17 – AUSTIN, TX – Maggie Mae’s (Nine Mile Records Official SXSW Showcase)
3/16/17 to 3/19/17 – AUSTIN, TX – SXSW
3/20/17 – FT. WORTH, TX – Barcadia
3/21/17 – MEMPHIS, TN – Bar DKDC
3/22/17 – MURRY, KY – Terrapin Station
3/23/17 – ST. LOUIS, MO – Foam
3/24/17 – INDIANAPOLIS, IN – Melody Inn
3/25/17 – KALAMAZOO MI – Free Clinic
3/26/17 – CINCINNATI, OH – Rake’s End
3/27/17 – COLUMBUS, OH – Rumba Cafe
3/28/17 – DAYTON, OH – Blind Bob’s
3/29/17 – LEXINGTON, KY – Best Friend Bar
3/30/17 – CARBONDALE, IL – Taco Stand
3/31/17 – MURFREESBORO, TN – Autograph Studios
4/07/17 – CLARKSVILLE, TN – Wicked Good Sandwiches
4/08/17 – FLORENCE, AL – Underground Art & Sound
4/13/17 – CHAPEL HILL, NC – The Cave
4/14/17 – FAIRFAX, VA – Epicure Cafe
4/15/17 – ANNAPOLIS, MD – Metropolitan Kitchen & Lounge
4/17/17 – NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ – Paradise Lost
4/18/17 – ALLSTON, MA – O’Brien’s Pub
4/19/17 – BROOKLYN, NY – Knitting Factory
4/20/17 – PHILADELPHIA, PA – Ortlieb’s
4/21/17 – RICHMOND, VA – Hardywood Park Craft Brewery
4/22/17 – CHARLESTON, SC – Royal American
4/29/17 – SAVANNAH, GA – Congress St. Social Club
5/05/17 – COVINGTON, GA – The Listening Room

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