200-300 Yard Shots?

Since my writings are geared towards the new airgun enthusiast I want to talk about this long range shooting thing that's the big fad now. People compete by shooting airguns to see how far they can shoot and hit a golf ball that explodes when hit and film it. They are taking shots of 200-300... Continue Reading →


Why Should You Join The NRA?

If you're like me you've probably thought why should I join the NRA if all I'm doing is shooting airguns? Let me tell you my reasons why I think you should consider joining. Some people on the political far left side of things think guns of any type should be banned from the entire world,... Continue Reading →

Smooth vs. Rifled Barrel

Airguns come with two different types of barrels, smooth bore and rifled bore. As the name implies a smooth-bore gun has a barrel that is completely smooth on the inside, while a rifled-bore gun has grooves that help guide the pellet down its barrel. Rifled barrels tend to be much more accurate then smooth ones.... Continue Reading →

A Few Thoughts For Airgun Beginners

Treat an airgun like any firearm. Never point it at a person, even when unloaded. Never pull the trigger with the barrel broken open as it could cause the barrel to snap shut possibly catching your hand in it and bend the gun’s barrel. Don’t ever pull the trigger without a pellet in the gun’s... Continue Reading →

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