New Airgun Buyers Five Common Mistakes

Here is a list of some of the most common mistakes newcomers make when using their first pellet gun. 1. Safety, Safety, Safety. You must always remember your handling a gun and must use the appropriate care when doing so. Make sure your either wearing safety glasses or have a good pair of shooting glasses... Continue Reading →


So Many Pellet Choices

Now that you have your new pellet gun now what? If you want to use it you’re gonna need something to shoot out of it so lets take a quick crash course on all your different pellet choices. Everything I’ve read and heard says basically it depends on the gun your using and you need... Continue Reading →


If you think of pellet guns as those low power things you had as a kid that were only one step above a toy then you are in for a shock because today’s pellet guns can pack a wallop and can do some serious damage to a person, even killing them, if the pellet hits... Continue Reading →

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