200-300 Yard Shots?

Since my writings are geared towards the new airgun enthusiast I want to talk about this long range shooting thing that's the big fad now. People compete by shooting airguns to see how far they can shoot and hit a golf ball that explodes when hit and film it. They are taking shots of 200-300... Continue Reading →


New Airgun Buyers Five Common Mistakes

Here is a list of some of the most common mistakes newcomers make when using their first pellet gun. 1. Safety, Safety, Safety. You must always remember your handling a gun and must use the appropriate care when doing so. Make sure your either wearing safety glasses or have a good pair of shooting glasses... Continue Reading →

What Makes a Good Plinking Target?

What makes a good plinking target? Just about anything can be used since the whole idea behind plinking is using non-standard targets instead of the traditional paper ones. The most common ones used are things you have laying around the house like, plastic bottles, old soda or beer cans, old food cans, old bent spoons... Continue Reading →

Pellet Guns

If you haven't used a airgun / pellet gun since you were a kid things have changed a lot over the years. These guns have gotten much more powerful and accurate. I hope you will enjoy the posting that will be added to the blog on this hobby. For those of you curious about what... Continue Reading →

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